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Travel Information
To check the appropriate visa requirements for your trip, please visit the website below. Select 'Short Term Visit' as the purpose of entry and '90 days or less' as the length of stay’.
Nationals of visa-free eligible countries must obtain K-ETA approval before boarding a flight or ship to South Korea.
Apply K-ETA
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    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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    Immigration Bureau
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The COVID-19 entry restrictions on this page are only for reference.
For more details, please refer to the websites below.
    Entry Restrictions Information
    (Korean Air)
    Go to Website
    Entry Restrictions Information
    (Asiana Airlines)
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A Q-code is not mandatory, but it is recommended to complete it in advance to minimize inconvenience upon arrival in Korea.
If you do not pre-register, you will be required to complete it at the immigration quarantine counter after entering the country.
Input Q-CODE
Guideline for Quarantine
PCR testing is no longer required after landing in Korea .
* Guidelines for quarantine can be changed depending on the situation.